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Apple may introduce a new headset from Beats

The brand Beats , which was acquired by Apple in 2014 for around 3 billion dollars, has positioned itself as a reference brand in the world of headphones. With the good reputation that these devices have always had, they are a perfect complement to enjoy good music.

Apple could renew the Beats range

This new rumour comes from iGeneration , who claim that the rumour comes from an email from the Beats team , announcing the presentation of a new headset from that brand on September 7th.

Apple may introduce a new headset from Beats
Apple may introduce a new headset from Beats

As we said at the time, the rumors about the products that could be presented in the Apple Keynote do not cease over the past few weeks. A few days ago we mentioned that Cupertino’s would be presenting the AirPods, a kind of wireless headset. However, with this new news perhaps the wireless headphones will come from Beats, or on the other hand the company acquired by the Californian firm will present its new range of products separately.

The big question about Apple’s headphones

It should be noted that recently there have been several rumours related to the headphones that the apple brand might have. After learning of the possible absence of the 3.5 mm jack in the new iPhone 7 and the rumour of a wireless headset, it leaves two essential products on the table: the wireless airpods and the lightning connection.

Possibly with the new Beats news, they would also like to join Apple’s innovation , allowing the firm’s users to have a wider range of options to buy.

Without a doubt, the new surprise factor is the headphones. Surely during these days more rumors will come out that will clarify this hypothesis, although in just five days we will officially know all the news and surprises that the Californians have prepared for us. In addition, we remind you that from AppleSupportPhoneNumber you will be able to know in detail all the new products and news that will appear during the conference on September 7th.

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