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Apple may have revealed the official launch date of the iPhone 11

Un trabajador de Foxconn filtra nueva información sobre el iPhone 11

De momento, tendremos que seguir esperando algo más. Ya estamos en ese momento en el que cualquier error podría causar que el posible efecto sorpresa del evento se vaya al traste, con lo que es conveniente estar ojo avizor ante cualquier filtración. Sabiendo cómo funciona todo esto, es probable que no tardemos en ver nuevas noticias algo más específicas sobre los productos que se presentarán el 10 de septiembre, si es que la fecha es cierta finalmente.

Apple may have revealed the official launch date of the iPhone 11
Apple may have revealed the official launch date of the iPhone 11

If everything goes according to plan, next month we will have the presentation of the next generation of the iPhone. Despite the leaks, much is still expected from these new phones, which would be three new models in principle. The new devices, which for the first time could carry the name “Pro” , could bring important innovations to the range. Or they could simply remain as intermediate steps towards what would be the iPhone of 2020.

In any case, in September we will be able to clear up all the doubts about the new iPhones. And although we don’t have the official invitations yet, it seems that Apple has dropped the date of the event again. A screenshot found by iHelp BR in the last iOS 13 beta version with the name “HoldForRelease” shows in the Calendar app icon the date of Tuesday September 10th , very similar to how it happened last year around this time.

This date would fit perfectly with what you would expect from Apple, especially since they always usually opt for days like Tuesday to celebrate these events. In any case, the invitations with all the information about the future event should arrive in about two weeks, and that’s when we’ll have more information about the day the company’s new devices will arrive. And we’re not just talking about the iPhone, but also the Apple Watch and whatever else is coming.

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