Apple May Have Ordered Smartphone Batteries

Two companies would be in charge of the production of the iPhone 6 batteries

Apple may have decided to change suppliers for the batteries of its next devices. As different sources have stated, the company could have ordered batteries for iPhone 6 from two different companies that had not been its previous suppliers.

The iPhone 6 launch could be scheduled for sometime in July or September, which would mean that the development of the terminal could be well underway and, as a result, leaks, prototypes, and rumors are increasing its already high rate. When we do not see the possible crystals of the screen of the next terminal, we find some models that could represent the final design of the iPhone 6.

Apple May Have Ordered Smartphone Batteries
Apple May Have Ordered Smartphone Batteries

To complete a week that has been filled with rumors, concepts and alleged leaks, another rumor has surfaced today that Apple has already ordered batteries for its next generation smartphone .

According to sources in the production chain, two companies would be in charge of manufacturing this part of the iPhone: Simplo Technology based in Taiwan and Shenzhen Desay based in China .

The iPhone 6 would not yet have gone into mass production

Until now, these parts were developed by Dynapack, which continue to make batteries for the iPhone 5c and 5s, although right now it is difficult to know if they will also make them for the iPhone 6.

For the moment none of the three companies has wanted to make any statement about the possible agreements they might have reached with Apple , we do not know if this is due to confidentiality or because there is nothing definitive yet.

Despite these orders, mass production of the iPhone 6 would not have started, so there may still be slight variations in orders. Other companies are on the lookout for this order and it is said that the company Sunwoda is also trying to get a piece of the pie that being an Apple supplier represents.

Despite the rumors, comments and others, what is clear is that the iPhone batteries would be a matter of between 3 and 4 companies , since Dynapack has a contract until 2015, when it would stop selling or manufacturing the current 5s.

There’s still a lot to learn about iPhone 6 , but it probably has a larger screen, at least 4.7 inches, sapphire-coated, Touch ID, an improved camera although it may have the same megapixels and Apple’s A8 processor.

As they say in Digitimes, although the companies mentioned already have important orders making notebook batteries, the truth is that the profit and the income that it allows to make pieces for Cupertino’s people, makes them want to start manufacturing .

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