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Apple May Claim More Damages in New Litigation Against Samsung

Apple and Samsung are not granting each other any truce, trials are taking place in courts all over the world and there is no future peace agreement in sight for the time being. While Cupertino’s people accuse the Koreans of having infringed their patents on some of their products, the Koreans in turn defend themselves and accuse the apple of having done the same with theirs. The story of never ending, but which could soon be joined by another new chapter.

Apple could demand a bigger punishment for Samsung in a new trial

As we have received from our friends at AppleInsider, Samsung has confirmed that the new trial to be held in California, which will pit them against Apple, could result in a higher compensation than the original one, which was over $1 billion for the infringement of the apple patents. A few months ago, the judge in charge of the case, Kucy Koh, rectified the sentence and reduced the compensation by 40%, stating that mistakes had been made in the allocation of the damages of some devices.

Apple May Claim More Damages in New Litigation Against Samsung
Apple May Claim More Damages in New Litigation Against Samsung

However, despite reducing the penalty by $400 million, the judge decided to leave the $600 million compensation for plagiarism of 14 other Apple products intact. Now it is Samsung that fears that in this new trial Apple may claim greater damages for these 14 products, which could mean exceeding the $1 billion barrier.

In the rectification of the judgment, Koh did not exclude the affected products from having infringed any of Apple’s patents, but considered that the valuation of those damages in some of those products had been wrongly counted, leaving the compensation at $600 million. Some of these products would include the Galaxy Tab, the Nexus S 4G or the Samsung Galaxy SII from AT&T.

We will have to wait for that possible new trial to be held in California in which Apple could demand an increase in damages. Let us remember that this is just one more part of this never-ending novel, but the verdicts for both parties in the different courts of the world have been quite equal for the time being.

And what do you think, will Apple and Samsung sit together one day to smoke the peace pipe? Share your opinions with us.

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