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Apple may be preparing an 8GB iPhone 4

Rumors, rumors, rumors, rumors, rumors… But it looks like this is going to be truer than some might think. Apple would be preparing an 8GB iPhone 4 to offer a cheaper branded phone. We will analyze how true this new rumor can be, remembering the past and relating different rumors that run today

Recently we talked to you about the possibility of a cheaper iPhone, which would give the possibility of buying a phone from the block to all those who could not access it because of the current price of the terminal. At the time, it was discussed that this iPhone could be called the iPhone iCloud, whose purpose would be to store much of our material in the cloud. Now, this rumour is dissipating.

Apple may be preparing an 8GB iPhone 4Apple may be preparing an 8GB iPhone 4

According to Reuters, this iPhone may not be based entirely on cloud computing, with the only major feature being an 8GB internal flash memory . This would help to reduce the cost of the gadget, so that it could be sold much more cheaply to the general public. Apple would thus be able to insert a more affordable iPhone in the market, which could increase its sales considerably.

If this movement is true, it could mean the definitive disappearance of the iPhone 3GS, whose stocks are already beginning to run out. Therefore, Apple would sell in its stores two different models of iPhone 5 (one with 32 GB of flash memory and the other with 16 GB), and it would subtract space for an 8 GB iPhone 4 for a total value of 499 euros .


If we look back and analyze the situation, we realize that it would be exactly the same as when the iPhone 4 was launched. This meant the death of the 3G and the arrival of the 8GB iPhone 3GS, along with the two ranges of iPhone 4 with the most memory capacity.

Reviewing all the rumors that have seen the light until today, this seems to be the most “normal” as the waters would follow their usual course. But, as we always tell you in AppleSupportPhoneNumber, rumors do not stop being rumors until they are directly confirmed by someone involved in them. In this case, by Apple.

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