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Apple may be preparing a small revision of the iPad

Rumors seem to be our daily bread in the summertime. It’s been three days since all sorts of rumours have been circulating in the media about the upcoming launches of the Bite Apple brand. And we still haven’t got the new iPhone. On this occasion, the sources talk about Apple’s intention to launch a version of the iPad with corrections to make users happy, and those who already own one unhappy.

Summer is a time for the beach, the canes and of course, in the case of Apple, the rumors. For two days now, first with the iMac and then with the 7-inch version of the iPad, rumours have been rife. And in order not to abandon such a healthy habit, today we are back with a new ration, which just like yesterday focuses on Apple’s tablet and which we read in Appleinsider.

Apple may be preparing a small revision of the iPadApple may be preparing a small revision of the iPad

In this case, the rumors have their origin in an unconfirmed report that from Cupertino are planning to carry out some “small revisions” in the latest evolution of the iPad presented in March of this year. These changes are intended to avoid the heating problems it has suffered and to try to make a lighter and thinner device than the one originally released.

The “mysterious” sources have confirmed to DigiTimes that said enhanced iPad would be put on the shelves worldwide around the holiday season , which for us is already, so they should specify which holiday period they are referring to. In the words of the source that provided this data:

Regarding the indications that such an update will affect the camera lens , there is not much more data. Let’s remember that the new iPad, presented in March, has a 5 megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera capable of taking more than decent photos, but without showing off. Now the question is whether we can trust all the rumours that are coming out. DigiTimes, over the years, has had both successes and failures in venturing new releases of the Bitten Apple. We found both glaring failures and major successes such as anticipating the launch of the Retina display , the new iPad or the new MacBook Pro. So, as rumor has it, there it is.

I am surprised that Apple is going to modify one of the products that is generating the most benefits , especially when it is supposed to do so based on a fact that we cannot classify as serious either, and when at first Apple rejected the claims stating that the new iPad worked within its thermal specifications . It’s true that running some games makes them hotter than, for example, the iPad 2, something we have already commented on this page, but is not a significant temperature difference or a nuisance to the user . I don’t own a new generation iPad, but as a regular user of powerful smartphones , and more so now in the summer, I can say that the issue of our device “going into stove mode” is a common one, especially since we are talking about very powerful and very thin devices , so that the battery contact and hardware with the casing are so close, that it is easy for heat to be transmitted to the user.

In addition, and as a last point, another reason that I reject this rumour , is that in a mass-market product like the iPad, doing something like this could cause the logical rejection by the faithful buyers who have taken one and who within 4 months see how without having changed the model theirs has already become old.

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