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Apple may be developing augmented reality glasses by 2018

Large technology companies have experimented with augmented reality eyewear proposals and Apple could not be the exception. According to a new report by Bloomberg, Apple is considering expanding into the field of digital glasses.

The report goes on to explain that the idea is still in the “exploration phase”, but that the digital glasses connect wirelessly to a user’s iPhone and present the images in the user’s field of vision. The glasses can also take advantage of augmented reality, an area in which Tim Cook has shown interest in the past.

Apple proposes augmented reality glasses

Apple may be developing augmented reality glasses by 2018
Apple may be developing augmented reality glasses by 2018

According to reports, Apple has already contacted potential suppliers for this idea, ordering small quantities of screens “from a test supplier. However, the company has not ordered enough components to indicate a mass production release in the near term.

In fact, the report notes that if Apple decides to go ahead with its digital glasses initiative, it will not be until 2018 when they are launched. Apple, however, is known to test many products and cancel them before they see the light of day, and that is still a very real possibility with digital glasses.

Apple has acquired a handful of companies with experience in augmented reality over the past few years, including Metaio in 2015 and several top experts in the field.

Apple’s Challenges in the Field of Augmented Reality

However, when it comes to hardware for digital glasses, Apple will face many challenges, such as mounting the necessary components in a way that is comfortable enough for constant use, a problem that has plagued previous offerings in this market. However, as Apple has demonstrated in the past, it does not let the efforts of other companies limit what it tries to do.

Just because Apple starts experimenting in this area after other companies have done so, doesn’t mean it can’t innovate. The best example of the fact that the first is not always the best is Snapchat, which is recently experimenting with its own offer in the market of digital glasses with Spectacles. Although these glasses are hard to find, they have advantages that make them interesting for users, such as the ability to record and upload first-person video content.

What do you think about Apple’s interest in this market?