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Apple may be developing an official video game controller

For years one of the most popular requests to Apple has been to create its own video game controller . Partly this was solved with the arrival of the gamepad with MFi certification to standardize the development, however it is still not the definitive solution for the most gamers. Will we have an official controller made by Apple now that Apple Arcade arrives? Some rumors suggest so.

Apple Arcade was launched in March this year and is expected to make its official debut in the autumn of 2019. A service that clearly bets on videogames on Apple’s platforms, but as is often the case in this type of matter, a controller for playing games is more than necessary in many games where the touch screen is loose. The rumors that Apple might be preparing its own controller become obvious.

Apple may be developing an official video game controllerApple may be developing an official video game controller

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According to some developers, Apple may be testing a gamepad of its own internally. It would make perfect sense for it to debut as an accessory in September’s keynote, but of course, at the moment these are only slight rumours.

Why the effort to see an official Apple controller? It’s simple, because only they can make a wireless controller that syncs perfectly with their own devices. The current controllers that exist are a good option, although sometimes they have a certain delay of milliseconds between a key being pressed and the action being executed in the game. This is unavoidable at the moment for controllers with a wireless Bluetooth connection.

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A limitation that Apple could significantly avoid with an official controller that has an improved connection. We already have an example in Apple’s AirPods and other wireless devices, which have a dedicated H1 chip for improved connectivity and pairing with Apple products.

A universal controller that can automatically connect to the iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV could be key to boosting Apple Arcade subscriptions. However, for the moment we’ll have to wait and settle for Apple Arcade and third-party controllers, as there is nothing official about a controller of its own.

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Apple may be developing an official video game controller to be released with Apple Arcade



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