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Apple May Be Appreciating the Purchase of PrimeSense

Apple might be very interested in buying PrimeSense

Apple has added an “M” to the chips in its new line of mobile products. This M stands for “motion”, since the chip is a motion processor that collects information from the various sensors in the phone, such as the accelerometer, compass or gyroscope, to record and control all movements.

Without being a Kinect style sensor, since it does not capture our every movement with cameras, the usefulness of this type of technology is extensive. From knowing the vibration of a speaker, finding out how many approximate calories we’ve consumed by walking, or checking the number of hours we’ve spent sitting, if we have our mobile phone with us.

Apple May Be Appreciating the Purchase of PrimeSenseApple May Be Appreciating the Purchase of PrimeSense

Not to mention the possible uses in “wearable technology” ( wearable technology ), which is expected to be one of the new lines of business of technology companies such as Apple, Google or Microsoft, among others.

It seems that Apple would be interested in acquiring the company PrimeSense , original supplier of the technology used by Microsoft in Kinect, which incorporates cameras and depth sensors so that users have the experience of being immersed in the games and control them with body movements.

Apple may use its technology in future products

Some sources claim that the figures being considered for the alleged acquisition are around $345 and $365 million . This amount does not seem very high either, considering that PrimeSense has recently been valued by its investors at around $250 million.

But although the deal would be close to being closed, it has not yet happened and the company is open to hear offers from any sector.

Cupertino’s could use this technology for some of their future products, such as the rumoured iWatch clock, the much-awaited iTV television, which could include gesture-based operation instead of the traditional remote control, or even future iPhones which, as they claim in PadGadget, could be used like Wii remotes to control other devices.

Not long ago we commented that Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) assured that Apple would enter new product categories, categories in which the company is not currently participating. Perhaps this is another step towards confirming Apple’s future, which seems to go much further than what we have seen to date by entering new niche markets in which it has not yet shown its head .

Do you think this kind of technology would be a good acquisition by Apple?