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Apple masters the CES without the need to be present

The boys from Cupertino decided not to officially attend the CES every year , although on some occasions it has been possible to see some of the company’s executives hanging around some of the plants at the fair, as for example the case of Greg Joswiak three years ago. However, the fact that Apple is not present at this consumer electronics fair does not mean that there is no news related to it year after year.

Just yesterday we were talking about the five best iPhone and iPad accessories seen during the first day of the CES 2015 that is taking place in Las Vegas, but it goes beyond that. In addition to gadgets that are compatible with Apple devices, we are also revealing some details of their future products .

Apple masters the CES without the need to be present
Apple masters the CES without the need to be present

How does Apple continue to dominate the CES without being officially present? Year after year we can learn about some of the products of the apple company even without officially attending. Like its main competitors, tries to impress the press with its best news, either through announcements, rumours, new reports or interviews with some executive.

How Apple has managed to be present at CES over the last few years

If we look back a few years we see how Apple has been able to divert the attention of the CES with announcements by the company itself, rumors about future devices or new reports coming to light. In MacStories they go back to the 2007 edition to find out how Cupertino’s guys have managed to do it.

In 2007 the CES was held from January 8th to 11th and Apple decided to introduce the iPhone to the world on January 9th at an event at MacWorld. The following year, it introduced, among other things, the new Mac Pro, and in 2009 announced that it was eliminating DRM from iTunes music and the new 17-inch MacBook Pro. In 2010 there were no announcements from Apple, but there were several rumors.

This year, during CES 2015, two new reports have been released that reveal details about two major Apple products , namely MacBook Air and Apple Watch. In addition, they have coincidentally started selling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus completely free in the United States since January 6th.

Other similar Apple ads and rumors from previous years

From MacStories, other announcements made by Apple during the days when the CES is held in other years stand out, as well as rumors that arose during the fair. Thus, we see how in 2014 the Tim Cook guys announced that the App Store sales exceeded $10 billion the previous year.

On the other hand, in 2013 several rumors were published about the possibility of Apple launching an iPhone with the lowest price , the imminent arrival of the smatphone to T-Mobile or the new generation of the iPad and iPad Mini. Finally, in 2012 the news about the iPad 3 was unleashed during the CES.

What do you think of Apple’s ability to attract the attention of the press and specialised media during the CES days?