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Apple Maps Now Showing Public Transport Routes in Spain

Lately Apple has given us a lot of new features in their applications , but not only in their applications, also in their operating systems, for example, in High Sierra macOS we have a huge amount of hidden features that we could take advantage of if we used them properly.

Recently they brought us a quite interesting novelty: the ability to fly through cities in 3D, something very similar to Google’s Street View, but with the possibility of flying to any part of the city we want around the world, obviously there are still limits and areas that we will not be able to see, but Apple is working to bring the number of these down considerably.

Apple Maps Now Showing Public Transport Routes in Spain
Apple Maps Now Showing Public Transport Routes in Spain

They also gave us a quite useful tool: to be able to see the inside of a building, all this with great precision and exact measurements of it. The only problem we can find with this update is that to access the building virtually and be able to see its entrails we will have to be near it, but this would not be a problem, because if we want to see this is because we are about to enter it .

Today’s novelty is another tool, also helpful and very useful in this case, more than any other in the market. With the last update of Apple Maps we will be able to consult the routes of all the public transports in Spain , from bus to the very underground of Madrid. This type of functions are very useful for tourists and the public who are not very familiar with the environment of public transport, but that these somehow are forced to use it by the lack of car or any other type of vehicle.

To make use of this new capacity we won’t have to download or install any kind of application, since this comes, as we said before, inside the package that carries the Apple’s mapping app, Apple Maps. Although for now in Spain only works in Madrid , but soon will be in the capitals of the regions and gradually will reach the entire national scene.

This kind of tools are the ones that make the difference between Apple and any other brand , the possibility to put in our hands a capacity that no company in the electronics market could. This kind of functions together with its next terminal, the iPhone8, which will be the most expensive smartphone ever, will be a good combination.

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