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Apple makes its paid apps free in iOS 6 and 7

iOS 7 beta 3 continues to show exciting new features as the hours go by. Now we’re learning that if we do a clean installation of the system and open the App Store for the first time, we’ll see among Apple’s classic list of suggested applications those for iWork and iLife as one more on the list of free ones. The best thing is that the same method works in iOS 6 Have you gone crazy in Cupertino?

When Apple announced iWork in the cloud, we knew that Cupertino was up to something to give a twist to their office suite which has hardly received any changes since 2009, and one of the possibilities they were considering is that to further enhance their applications they would make them free , even though we know that Apple is the one that makes the most economic use of its own applications in the App Store.

Apple makes its paid apps free in iOS 6 and 7
Apple makes its paid apps free in iOS 6 and 7

Well, our predictions are confirmed in the last iOS 7 beta, because when we open the App Store for the first time in a clean installation, Apple suggests its free applications as usual , but this time they have been snuck into the list by five intruders: iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Yes, we’re still wondering why GarageBand isn’t on the list.

Obviously, if we are going to download any of these to the App Store we will notice how they are still paid , whether on iPhone, iPad or OS X. But apparently if we restore our device to factory settings we have a surprise: iWork and iLife are free, both in iOS 6 and iOS 7; no doubt a masterstroke by the Californian company.

As we see in the image above, in the legend below each application it says DV7.ApplePack.description.iTunes.nombredelaapp (with DV7 we understand that it will refer to iOS 7 Developer). In iOS 6 the tone is repeated, only that it changes DV7 to DV6, as we can see in the following picture.

What is more than confirmed is that iWork in the cloud will be free and will allow us to create and edit documents with some options less than the OS X or iOS version, but free after all. Now we just have to wait until October to know if all this is just a mistake that finally returns to its origin, or one of the most applauded news of Cupertino’s in this 2013 . Run to download the applications just in case!

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