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Apple Makes iOS 8 Beta 5 Available to Developers

Apple makes iOS 8 Beta 5 for iPhone and iPad available to developers

The American company continues to maintain the good pace of updates to the Beta versions. As expected, the company has released iOS 8 Beta 5 exactly two weeks after the release of Beta 4. This new version is compatible with all iPhone, iPad, Mini and iPod Touch that have iOS 8 support and you also need to be registered as a developer, although there are ways to get it installed without being a developer.

Beta 5 was released yesterday by Cupertino’s boys. This good pace of the release of the trial versions makes us think that in Apple everything is going according to plan and they could have everything ready to release the final version of iOS 8 next September , when they are expected to present the iPhone 6.

Apple Makes iOS 8 Beta 5 Available to Developers
Apple Makes iOS 8 Beta 5 Available to Developers

The file for this update occupies 269MB and among other things, we can find a number of bug fixes and improvements in the performance of the operating system in general. Beta 5 is available through the iOS Developer Center , but what other ways do we have to install it on our iDevice?

Do you have iOS 8 Beta 4 installed? Install Beta 5 via OTA

If we are developers we can install the new iOS 8 trial version via OTA as long as we have Beta 4 installed. So, to upgrade to Beta 5 you will need to go to Settings – General – Software Update and then click on Download and Install .

Once this has been done we will have to follow the steps that come out, accept Apple’s Terms and Conditions and wait for the device to be updated.

Some new features in iOS 8 Beta 5

As mentioned above, iOS 8 Beta 5 includes several performance improvements and numerous bugs have been fixed, which we can see in almost every update. But that’s not all as we also find some noteworthy changes such as new icons in the Health application for body data and data export.

On the other hand, from iMore they comment that there is also a new iCloud option to download optimized versions of photos on the iPhone keeping the original high resolution ones in our iCloud account, as well as a new Health panel within the Privacy menu in Settings .

Finally, it’s expected that the final version of iOS 8 will feature a new QuickType keyboard, tighter integration with Apple’s OS X, support for third-party keyboards, and more.

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