Apple makes history and becomes a billion-dollar company

It’s official: Apple is now a company with a capitalization of one billion dollars by reaching a price per share of $ 207.05. With this milestone the company has become the first company to achieve such a capitalization. To give you an idea of this billion dollars is obtained by multiplying the number of shares of the company by the current price of each one.

As we said before, Apple has achieved this success after exceeding the value of the shares at $207.05 on today’s trading day. This has resulted in capitalization in excess of $1 trillion based on the 4,829,926,000 shares currently in circulation, as reported this Wednesday in the quarterly report.

Apple makes history and becomes a billion-dollar company
Apple makes history and becomes a billion-dollar company

Some people have falsely believed that Apple achieved this achievement a few hours ago since some applications such as Yahoo Finance have been based on a number of shares that was not real, since the official number of shares was announced only yesterday, and it has not given time to update some applications such as the one we have mentioned.

Whether Apple has won the billion dollar race against other big companies like Amazon, Microsoft or Google doesn’t matter at all. This only means that Apple now has a higher economic value and can also say that it has been the first company to achieve a billion dollar capitalization.

This also shows the strength of Cupertino’s company as one of the best valued companies in the world, with an enviable track record on the stock market. We hope that Apple’s success will continue to be cultivated with successful products such as an iPhone X LCD or the new iPad that we will see later this year.

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