Apple Loses Three Cases of Copyright Infringement in China

Apple has lost three copyright infringement cases in China, where People’s Court number 2 ruled Tuesday that Cupertino’s has infringed on the App Store copyrights owned by Motie Press and Chinese writers Mai Jia and Yu Zhuo.

Apple loses 3 copyright cases in China

As part of the sentence, Apple has been ordered to pay compensation of approximately $141,563 to Motie Press, in addition to approximately $54,447 to Mai Jia and $2,722 to Yu Zhuo .

Apple Loses Three Cases of Copyright Infringement in China
Apple Loses Three Cases of Copyright Infringement in China

This news was first published on Tuesday by The China News Service , a major state news agency of the People’s Republic of China.

The next day, a report submitted by the China Daily , stated that Apple had not obtained permission from Chinese writers to sell their books on the App Store.

Judge Feng Gang noted that Apple was required to check whether book applications complied with the country’s existing laws:

The case is the second set of lawsuits against Apple filed by the Writers’ Rights Protection Union, an organization that protects the online rights of Chinese writers.

In December 2012, a Beijing court ordered Apple to pay about $165,000 to a group of local writers who said the company sold unlicensed copies of their books in the online store.

Judge Gang proposed that Apple check the country’s sales lists to determine whether the uploaded books violate the writer’s copyright.

Of course, policies with digital content stores are a bit murky when it comes to unintentional copyright infringement. Drawing parallels with physical publishing, a publisher (in this case Apple) should be held liable for copyright infringement, intentional or unintentional.

But given Apple’s problems with the state media in China, it is likely that this decision is another case of growing pressure on Apple as the company continues to make progress in the country .

As we read today on the iDownloadblog, Apple has seen its revenues in China rise to its highest ever in the first quarter of 2013. According to Tim Cook in the results conference the other day:

Following the recent controversy over Apple’s warranty in this country, the company announced, in a public relations operation, a donation of $8 million for the victims of the earthquake in China and launched a local support forum, where customers can ask questions and receive answers in their language.

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