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Apple loses market share with the arrival of Amazon and Comcast

The apple company has always been characterized by being one of the most important companies in each of the markets it enters , thus managing to be a reference and a competitor for all those companies that want to get the first place in a market where there is already Apple.

So much so, that any detail related to Cupertino’s people is carefully studied to know what it means and what it implies for Californians. In this way today we receive the news that iTunes is losing market share, due to the increasing competition that is currently taking place in the market.

Apple loses market share with the arrival of Amazon and ComcastApple loses market share with the arrival of Amazon and Comcast

Of course the study has not been done with real figures since it is Apple itself that does not provide this information but several specialized studies show that, Apple is losing users who were renting and buying movies through its iTunes platform .

Specifically, the 9to5Mac media points out that this loss of users is due to the arrival of certain platforms to the sector, which have managed to monopolize a large number of users becoming a hindrance to the people of Cupertino.

Specifically and from the United States , Amazon with its Amazon Prime application and Comcast are pointed out as the big beneficiaries of this drop in users on the iTunes platform who are buying movies, although they will also have to watch applications such as Netflix or HBO which are the main leaders in the sector worldwide.

Apple, for its part, did not want to make any statement regarding the loss of market share in comparison with other platforms, although it did assure through a spokesperson that they too are focused on offering third-party applications to provide a much more complete service to users .

Perhaps the only thing Apple should do is continue working in the same direction, offering in its Apple Store third-party applications, and for its part improve its iTunes service so that users of its products trust it and manage to increase the number of users and downloads at the same level as this new film industry grows .