Apple Lets Leave a Blank Home Screen in iOS 8

In the new iOS 8 update, it is now possible to leave a blank home page

Users looking for less distraction on the screen of their new iPhone 6, or those who simply want to have a better view of their wallpaper, can opt to have a blank first home screen (without any icons) in the recently released iOS 8 update. This is an option that many iOS device users have been waiting for a long time and although it is quite simple, it has never been included.

Many users will probably not see any use for such a feature, but many others will be happy to know that Apple allows (without being a bug) to do so now . There is nothing written about taste and this is one more (small) step towards better customization of Cupertino’s mobile operating system. It’s not difficult to achieve this effect and leave our first home page a bit more “ordered”, although it’s true that would look much better if we had the possibility to put some kind of widget on it.

Leaving a blank startup screen on our device with iOS 8

Apple Lets Leave a Blank Home Screen in iOS 8
Apple Lets Leave a Blank Home Screen in iOS 8

In order to get a clean and icon-free startup screen in the latest update of Apple’s new mobile operating system, the steps to follow are very simple: Just drag all the application icons to the second page . Users can leave applications in the dock at the bottom of the screen, or empty it too.

Users also previously had the ability to create a blank home screen in the previous iOS 7, but this was achieved through a bug that occurred when reorganizing the home screens via iTunes. With iOS 8, this can be achieved directly from the device, no connection or interaction with iTunes is required as you can see in the following video made by the guys at GadgetHacks .

While the first iOS 8 home screen can be left empty, as we have seen, with others it is not possible. Attempting to create a second blank screen in the application pages simply removes the blank page . To keep a page, at least one application is required for it to remain active and not be automatically deleted.

As they have shared since AppleInsider, it is not complicated at all to leave a home page in our device with iOS 8, something that for sure the most minimalists love and that maybe could be preparing the arrival of those widgets that I already mentioned before to that home page. Personally, I like that idea and I would use it without a doubt, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s just one of those functions that remain as an anecdote or if it has something else behind it.

And you, did you know about this feature in the last update of iOS 8? Do you think that the arrival of this new feature is preparing the system for the arrival of other types of add-ons such as widgets? Let us know what you think and don’t forget you can share this article with your friends using the buttons above. Thanks!

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