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Apple launches the second beta of iOS 7.1

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About a month after the first one where we saw some aesthetic changes and bug fixes, Apple has just released the second beta of iOS 7.1 to the whole developer community along with new preliminary versions of XCode and and AppleTV software.

Apple launches the second beta of iOS 7.1
Apple launches the second beta of iOS 7.1

Among the new features being discovered are a new option in the system settings for faster access to the TouchID configuration on the iPhone 5S and a increase in speed in the general system animations . A bug has also been fixed that always placed the default ringtone even if we chose a different one, and the control center now appears with a small animation. The calendar has also redesigned its event view by list.

More changes are sure to be discovered as the developers begin to snoop around in the bowels of the system. Remember that this version is still an unstable beta, and that it is developer-oriented . We do not recommend installation to general users, and if you do, always have a previous system backup made. You can upgrade from the same system settings panel as long as you are registered with the Apple developer program.

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