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Apple launches the first public beta of tvOS 11

Apple has released the tvOS 11 public beta, and that’s not all, it does it just a few hours after releasing the 2.1 developer beta.

Until now, betas on Apple products were limited to iOS and macOS since the installation process for these devices is simpler and more intuitive, but with the launch of this public beta of tvOS 11 they seem to have broken some of the scheme. In this article we will explain what is new in this tvOS 11 beta and how you can install it.

Apple launches the first public beta of tvOS 11Apple launches the first public beta of tvOS 11

Apple launches the first public beta in tvOS history.

What’s new about this tvOS 11 beta?

The presentation of tvOS 11 at the WWDC at the beginning of the month was the shortest section and the one with the least amount of news, but according to official information from Apple, here we leave you with their main news:

  • The brightness is automatically regulated according to the local time, adapting to the visual needs of the time of day in which we are.
  • Home screen sync options to have content synced between multiple Apple TVs in the same group, such as the home group.
  • New wallpapers and notification support, plus new tools for controlling Apple TV from our mobile devices.

The tvOS 11 beta brings new features such as automatic brightness adjustment, new synchronization options and renewed wallpapers.

How to install the tvOS 11 public beta?

One of the easiest ways to install this newly released tvOS 11 public beta is with iTunes, using a USB-C cable. All we have to do is connect the Apple TV to our computer, open iTunes and select the option to update the operating system, provided we are beta testers. Since yesterday, by selecting this option, iTunes downloads the tvOS 11 beta and installs it directly on your Apple TV.

Another option equally valid, although perhaps a little more expensive or perhaps with more steps to follow is the following:

  • We register on the official Apple betas website by entering our Apple ID and password.
  • From our Apple TV go to the option “Settings” and in the section “Apple ID” enter the same username and password that we used in the previous step to register on the betas page.
  • Also in the section “Settings” we now enter the option “System” and select the tab “Get public betas” and then follow the instructions that will appear on screen to complete the installation.

If we select the option to “update automatically” we no longer have to worry about installing the updates manually.

We have already seen what new features this tvOS 11 beta includes and how to install it. What do you think about the new operating system for Apple TV? Are you going to test this first public tvOS beta?