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Apple Launches Second Public Beta of iOS 11

If a couple of weeks ago Apple launched the first public beta of iOS 11, today it has launched the second public beta.

If you still don’t know what a public beta is, it’s a version that is, let’s say, a little better in terms of performance and bugs than the developer betas; these betas are released by Apple so that all users can test and enjoy the new version of the mobile operating system before its release on our iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Apple Launches Second Public Beta of iOS 11
Apple Launches Second Public Beta of iOS 11

We advise you to install these betas in secondary devices, as they are not official versions and could have failures that prevent the correct use of the device.


This iOS 11 Public Beta 2 brings us exactly the same news as the Developer Beta 3 (click here if you want to read the article dedicated to this Developer Beta 3)

– Files has increased its sync capabilities, and now includes OS X Server and Dropbox as additional locations.

– One of the new features of iOS 11 is the new feature that allows us to synchronize our iMessage messages with iCloud so they are always stored in the cloud. Well, if you decide to do it with this new beta, you’ll also know how many messages you have left to sync, which is not a big advance but it can help us know how much time our iPhone will need to finish this process.

– The control center’s screen recording option now has new functions: if we make 3D Touch on it, a new option will also come out that will allow us to broadcast live. Although at the moment the only thing this new feature does is to save the video on the reel, who knows if in the future it could be integrated with third party applications and give us new possibilities.

– The notification center has been simplified. Since the new way of displaying the notifications presented by the previous iOS 11 betas had not been very well received by users, we have chosen to simplify it and return to the usual format, in which we have all the notifications available with a simple swype down.

– When we are listening to music from the native Apple application, if we press on the title of the song in the control center, the application will automatically open, which was not the case in previous betas.

– New TV providers have joined such as Comcast, Cox, AT&T U-verse, Verizon Fios, Time Warner Cable and some more, although in Europe we still have to wait to enjoy our favorite channels on iPhone or iPad.

– Now, when we want to close some application on the iPad, we can swype as before and we won’t need to use the X that appeared in the multitasking with iOS 11.

How to install the new beta

We have two options, each of which depends on whether we already have the first public iOS 11 beta installed or not.

If you already have the first version of this beta installed, you only have to open the Settings application, go to the General tab and, once there, check the update using the Software Update tab; as you can see, a very simple process.

If you have not yet installed the first beta, you will need to create a beta tester profile on the Apple website to enjoy it. To do this you need to follow these steps:

– Go from Safari (or your usual browser) with an iPhone, iPad or iPod to the Apple public betas page.

– Click on “Sign Up” and register with your Apple ID.
– You will then see a button that says “Download Profile”.
– You will have to click on this button and immediately, a configuration profile will be downloaded to your device. Once this profile is downloaded, just go to Software Update and update.

If you want to download iOS 10 again, you must first go through the iOS 10.3.3 beta and, once in this version, download iOS 10.3.2.

Recommendations before installation

As I said before, it is recommended that you do not install betas on your main devices but, in addition to this, we must remind you of certain precautions
– Back up to iCloud and iTunes before installing the betas, so that when you download you can restore your iPhone as it was before and avoid losing all your information in case of system failure.

– Please note that when you are in iOS 11, you cannot make a backup for later restoration in iOS 10.

I leave you an article about how to downgrade iOS 10: click here to read it. If you have problems to do it, follow the steps of the post I leave you here.

How do you like the new beta? Good, bad? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

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