Apple launches OS X Mavericks Beta 7

We’ve been caught off guard again and in the early hours of the morning, Apple has just released the latest beta of its computer operating system, OS X Mavericks. This last beta, Developer Preview 8, brings very few new features and focuses more on reinforcing and fixing bugs from previous betas. It looks more like a Golden Master, which can tell us that the final version is coming.

Following the rhythm of releases that we are used to Apple has released the beta 8 of OS X Mavericks a few minutes ago. Once again the release has caught us at dawn, as we are used to in Cupertino this summer.

Apple launches OS X Mavericks Beta 7
Apple launches OS X Mavericks Beta 7

If two weeks ago we were enjoying the seventh with interesting news, this time it seems that the news stops and focuses more on improving what we already have .

At this point it is difficult to determine what improvements it includes, as the developers have to search and fiddle around a bit with this latest beta. What we do know for sure is that there are no major improvements and small bugs that the operating system still had are being improved and fixed.

On the other hand, the fact that there are almost no improvements indicates that the final version is very close, and that its launch could be next October 15th, as some rumors indicate.

Developers with OS X Mavericks will have no problem updating their operating system, as they will be notified that a new version is available. The update is approximately 550Mb in size , but naturally this depends on the Mac we have and its specifications.

It seems that among the new features that we find are iTunes, which has also been updated . Now when syncing an iPhone or iPad, the app organizer has been changed to look like iOS 7. In addition, in the Podcasts section we find two new buttons to access previous episodes, along with a new configuration sidebar.

iTunes Radio is not far behind , and now when we’re playing a song it shows us which songs have been played before, and offers us the possibility to buy it from the iTunes Store. This new version also allows us to be notified when a song is changed and the songs we can still skip.

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