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Apple launches new videos with the benefits of switching to the iPhone

Apple is taking a liking to publishing videos on its YouTube channel, in this case showing us in a quick, direct and very graphic way the advantages of passing the iPhone with the new campaign “Switch to iPhone” .

With four show us Apple’s technical support, commitment to the environment, security and the simplicity of using your terminal.

Apple launches new videos with the benefits of switching to the iPhoneApple launches new videos with the benefits of switching to the iPhone

Among them, we can also see another video about the experience of adding or reducing color in a photo with the iOS integrated photo editing itself.

The iPhone and the commitment to the environment

Here we can see how a user tries to throw away a disposable coffee cup, but does not succeed. In the end he chooses to leave it in its corresponding place. A very original way of telling us that Apple terminal components are recycled and environmentally friendly.

Technical support

The representation of two acrobats, one of them with the typical t-shirt of the Genius , indicates us that the technical support will always be there to help you no matter how complicated your problem is.

Safe, security on your iPhone

This video explains really well how iPhone security works . On a split screen we can see what the security of other devices would look like, but when trying to access our terminal, it gets complicated. To such an extent that the thief has to retreat when he can’t access our device.

Ease of use

In the last video, the simplicity is related to the bad weather, when you use an iPhone everything is more simple , more fluid. Without a doubt, a very graphic and simple way to show us this feature of iOS.

A world of colors

As a bonus, in Apple’s YouTube channel we also found “How to experiment with color on iPhone”. This video published a few hours ago, refers to how easy it is to give a touch of color to our images in a simple way.

This video joins many others that Apple is publishing to show us the simplicity of iOS and the potential of an iPhone to perform basic tasks but with more than obvious results.

What did you think of these videos?