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Apple Launches New iPad Ad

Apple has just surprised the world with a new ad in which the main protagonist is once again none other than the iPad. The most recent spot so far dates back to last February, when they launched “Make a film with iPad”, in which they showed the tablet’s great capabilities for creating content. Now we have to add “Everything Changes”, an ad that shows the great possibilities that the tablet has .

Since the launch of the iPad Air 2 last October, Apple has focused its marketing campaign mainly on the tablet . In this way, Apple tries to show the great possibilities that its tablet offers and how thanks to it you can change the way you do many things, from redecorating a room, cooking, travelling or learning, among others.

Apple Launches New iPad Ad
Apple Launches New iPad Ad

On this occasion, the ad is called “Everything Changes with iPad” , the slogan he has used in previous campaigns to encompass all in the same series. But let’s see what things Apple highlights in this ad.

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Apple highlights how the iPad can change the way things are done

In the minute and a half that the ad lasts, Apple highlights different ways and situations in which the tablet can change the way things are done. The iPad has become a very useful device that can make some tasks much easier for users through the use of different applications available for the tablet.

So, the iPad can help a lot when cooking, when travelling, learning new things, managing your small business and many other things. Like the previous campaign “The Verse”, the message “Everything Changes with iPad” shows how the tablet can be very useful in a wide range of situations.

Through these marketing campaigns, the American company tries to convince potential customers that the iPad has a lot of possibilities. Or to put it another way, the tablet can be used for more than just an entertainment device .

“Everything Changes with iPad”

This time, Apple has used the same slogan as the iPad marketing campaign to name its latest ad. In addition, the ad is accompanied by a dedicated section on Apple’s website where all the applications that appear in the ad are collected.

This page is divided into six large sections: Cooking, Learning, Small Business, Traveling and Redecorating with iPad and Why iPad? . Within each of these sections, all of those applications that appear at some point in the video are collected, except for the last one, where they focus more on showing the general features of the tablet.

“Everything Changes with iPad” is Apple’s latest tablet ad trying to get users’ attention to try and improve their sales, which are not at their best. In Q2 2015, they managed to sell 12.6 million units, a drop of 4 million from the same period last year, although Tim Cook is convinced that the trend will be reversed and will grow again.