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Apple launches iOS 8 beta 4, discover all its new features

As we expected Apple has just distributed among the developers the iOS 8 beta 4 . Available as a software update two weeks after beta 3, this new version continues to fix the detected issues as well as polishing various aspects of the system.

As for the most visible news for the user, this new beta of the next version of the mobile operating system of the apple we find:

  • Accessibility options for changing text size and increasing text thickness are included in the Display and Brightness settings, which are much easier to find. Similarly, the wallpapers have been removed to have their own screen settings, but curiously this still shows the brightness controls as well.
  • Home data, the panel with the HomeKit privacy options, has a new icon.
  • New Tips app, to help us get more out of our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with weekly tips. This confirms the leakage of this app, very useful for new users who do not know Apple and our iOS course from scratch. In any case, will the following be Preview and TextEdit?
  • Slight changes in the animations to access the multitasking screen or the appearance of icons after unlocking.
  • New message history options including the ability to choose the expiration of audio and video messages independently.
  • The Handoff settings now also include two new switches to activate or deactivate the suggested applications on the locked screen. So we can choose to see suggestions based on our location on the apps we have installed, all of them in the App Store, all of them or none at all.
  • Another new feature of iOS 8, which is now completely user selectable, is the shortcuts to our favorites and recent calls on the multitasking screen.
  • The Bug Reporter, a shortcut to reporting bugs available in the Notification Center of the previous betas, has been removed.
  • The Control Center has been redesigned by removing the black borders around the icons and making them white when activated.
  • New icon for the Emoji keyboard in Messages. There are also some minor changes to other icons such as the Safari bookmarks icon, now more like a notebook than the previous straight-line icon, or the frequent contacts icon on the multitasking screen.
  • The Health app has divided the calories into active, dietary and resting calories. Don’t look at me.
  • And even more configuration options (iOS 8 will definitely be able to be summarized under the motto of “giving control to the user”): Mail gestures (sliding options according to Apple) to mark with indicator or as read a message are customizable.
  • Apple has decided to take a step back from the fashion of giving fancy names to things that already existed as a marketing tool and has renamed the QuickType feature as “Predictive” within the keyboard settings.
  • Within the Spotlight settings we found some new options to ignore Voice Notes or Bing Web Results when performing a search.
  • The iCloud Photo Library, the new cloud sync function for all our photos, already had among its settings an option to pause the sync temporarily. Now, as a new feature, this pause clearly indicates that it is for one day, after which it activates itself again. Very useful for the forgetful.
  • Finally, it seems that the dictation function of iOS 8 is now able to process our voice in blocks while we speak instead of having to wait for us to finish. In other words, when you dictate something in Messages, Notes or any other app, your words appear as you say them.
Apple launches iOS 8 beta 4, discover all its new features
Apple launches iOS 8 beta 4, discover all its new features

And that’s as far as we can count, for now. If new changes or news are found in this beta 4 we will run to update the list.

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