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Apple Launches iBeacon Product Certification Program

More and more places are using iBeacon technology

Apple is betting heavily on iBeacon technology. Only appear more and more utilities for this type of data exchange that went a little unnoticed in the presentation of iOS 7 but that will surely give a lot to talk about in the near future.

Baseball fields, some of the Apple stores, supermarket chains and is growing the list of places where we can find the beacons where the small devices are housed.

Apple Launches iBeacon Product Certification Program
Apple Launches iBeacon Product Certification Program

iBeacon uses Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology to connect our device with others via a Bluetooth that uses much less battery power than regular Bluetooth 4.0 . This way, when we pass through an area where the device is housed, which is no larger than a coin, if we have push notifications activated, we will receive the corresponding information.

Apple is seeking certification to manufacture devices that claim to be iBeacon compatible

Knowing how successful this new service can be, Cupertino’s people have launched a campaign so that anyone who wants to manufacture objects with iBeacon technology, acquires a certification from Apple for the use of said object with the name that the company has given to the devices that are compatible with this technology.

Any manufacturer can register with Apple’s MFi program to obtain a license to manufacture devices with this technology, as long as they meet a series of requirements that Cupertino will impose.

Apple’s specifications for using the name “iBeacon” may not be disclosed

When entering the licensing program, as it relates to iBeacon, manufacturers may not disclose all requirements that Apple will impose for the use of their technology name.

At the moment there is no leakage in this regard, so we will have to wait and see if there are any brave people who do it and then let us know what Apple is asking for in order to give the honour of having the product officially certified. What we can sense from these requirements is that the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal diffusion is in accordance with the minimum quality that Apple will establish in its specifications.

This registry could open the door to the use of iBeacon by many more devices

The good news about Apple’s initiative to register products that can use the iBeacon name is that it could make it possible for the technology to spread, not just to be used by devices with the bitten apple .

Thus, iBeacon technology may also be compatible with Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE . It seems that we are before a wager from Apple for the disappearance of the NFC technology, which it still does not implement in its devices, as we can read in Gigaom.

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