Apple Launches Free Music and Video Section on iTunes

Although it’s common to see Cupertino’s guys making a paid application or game available for free week after week, the truth is that the same thing doesn’t happen in the iTunes Store. That’s why we’ve been so impressed by Apple’s new promotion, a section with free songs and videos .

If we look back we see how it was not long ago that Apple gave away the latest U2 album to all their iTunes customers. Another moment when they gave away this kind of content was the 12 days of gifts, a promotion that this year they didn’t celebrate, but outside of that, it’s not very common for them to give away music or videos through their store.

Apple Launches Free Music and Video Section on iTunes
Apple Launches Free Music and Video Section on iTunes

Apple’s digital store is launching a new section called “Free on iTunes” , where you can download certain songs and TV shows without having to spend anything. However, at the moment it seems that it is not available in our country, so we will have to wait to see if the American company launches the promotion here.

Free on iTunes, the new section of the Apple store

The company of the block has released the section Free on iTunes inside the digital store. In it, Apple offers its users a small selection of 16 songs (from not very well known artists, it has to be said) and 24 episodes of different television programs .

Among the artists we find Rogue Wave, Purity Ring or Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, among others . On the other hand, among the videos included in Free on iTunes there are episodes of new programs like Backstrom, reality shows like Run’s Renovation and Ace of Cakes, among many others.

One of the questions that now arise about the Free on iTunes section is how often Apple will renew the selections of music and videos that make up the section. Previously, Apple had another international promotion called “Single of the Week”, which it has eliminated to make way for this new one, which is currently only available in the United States.

Users of Google Play Store have been able to enjoy a selection of free songs for over a year now, but those of Mountain View had not included videos. Now, with the new step taken by Apple with iTunes, we could see some changes in the Android store.

Apple takes this step in iTunes at a key moment

From MacWorld they point out that it is not the first time that Apple offers a service with free content, however this time it is striking that it has come at a key moment. iTunes is facing strong competition from several streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora, as well as streaming video services such as Netflix, Voodoo, Hulu and soon Sling TV.

But Free on iTunes is not the only step Apple will take, because if you remember in 2014 they bought Beats Electronics and they are expected to release a renewed version of Beats Music this year together with iTunes .

What do you think of the new section of iTunes? Do you think it will arrive in our country soon?

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