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Apple Launches Fourth Public Beta of iOS 11

Yesterday Apple launched the fifth iOS 11 developer beta and a day later the fourth public iOS 11 beta has been released, which can be installed by all those who participate in the Apple beta program. This beta is exactly the same as the developer beta launched yesterday, in which no major bugs were detected that rendered the terminal unusable. That’s why the new features are the same as the ones we saw in yesterday’s beta.

These versions are intended to allow us to test and enjoy the new features brought to us by the new versions of Apple’s operating systems. Even so, although the stability is quite decent, we do not recommend you to install it in a main terminal, but in a secondary one.

What’s new in the fourth public beta of iOS 11?

Apple Launches Fourth Public Beta of iOS 11Apple Launches Fourth Public Beta of iOS 11

This public beta 4 of iOS 11 brings us exactly the same news as the developer beta 5. Although these are increasingly scarce and discreet because we are already in a very high beta version, and are already focusing a lot on stabilization as in a month will be public for all users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The news I remember is as follows:

– Minor changes to the application icons Settings and Camera to increase contrast

– Horizontal lines removed from the application icon Camera

– Smaller icons in the Meteorology application
– Touching a Control Centre icon that does not have a 3D Touch action simulates a tap

– New play / pause button on the Control Center music controls.

– The new source icon in the Control Center that will direct us to the AirPlay options

– The Playback screen widget in the lock screen shows the output, the album and the artist.

– The status bar on the recording screen is red instead of blue

– The Spotlight search remains on the screen when scrolling the widgets

– New slide animation when accessing multitasking on iPad

– Messages in iCloud have been temporarily deleted.

– Smart Invert no longer reverses the Dock on the home screen

– New Portrait mode presentation page in the Camera application (without beta)

– New FaceTime ring when making a call

– Updated SOS configuration page

– Trusting your computer now requires authentication

– The settings icon now has a darker background.

Here’s how you can install this beta

We have two options, each of which depends on whether we already have the first public iOS 11 beta installed or not.

If you already have the first version of this beta installed, you only have to open the Settings application, go to the General tab and, once there, check the update using the Software Update tab; as you can see, a very simple process.

If you have not yet installed the first beta, you will need to create a beta tester profile on the Apple website to enjoy it. To do this you need to follow these steps:

– Go from Safari (or your usual browser) with an iPhone, iPad or iPod to the Apple public betas page.

– Click on “Sign Up” and register with your Apple ID.
– You will then see a button that says “Download Profile”.
– You will have to click on this button and immediately, a configuration profile will be downloaded to your device. Once this profile is downloaded, just go to Software Update and update.

How do you like the new beta? Good, bad? Leave your opinion in the comment box.