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Apple Launches First Public Beta of iOS 11 and High Sierra MacOS

The first public beta of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra is now available, what does this mean? Beta versions of an operating system are unfinished versions, with performance issues. However, this beta version allows all those people who want to test this software to be able to officially install it thanks to Apple.

Public beta better than developer beta

You don’t need to be an official developer, just follow the small steps below to install the beta on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac .

Apple Launches First Public Beta of iOS 11 and High Sierra MacOS
Apple Launches First Public Beta of iOS 11 and High Sierra MacOS

iOS 11 on iPad and iPhone

Apple had announced in the last WWDC 2017 that its all those people who wanted to try the beta version of iOS 11 or High Sierra macOS could do it from the end of June . With that statement, we have had to wait some time but here we are, the day has come and both macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 can now be downloaded in their public beta version.

A very important fact when testing betas is that as a general rule, Apple usually polishes the performance of its public versions with respect to the developer versions. This means that performance is better in the public beta (giving time to fix the first major bugs) than in the developer beta .

High Sierra macaques with WWDC Safari

These versions are being released gradually, so if it’s still not available when you go to download them, don’t despair because Apple is releasing them gradually .

Download iOS 11 and High Sierra MacOS Beta

If, despite the many errors the public beta may have, you still intend to install it on your device, the first thing you should do is sign up for the Apple Public Beta program. To do this, just follow the small steps below:

Install iOS 11

  • Go from Safari (or your regular browser) with an iPhone or iPad to Apple’s public betas page.
  • Click on “Sign Up” and register with your Apple ID.
  • You will then see a “Download Profile” button.
  • We click on this button and immediately, a configuration profile will be downloaded to your device, which will automatically download the public beta.

If you want to downgrade, comment that this version has the same error as the beta 2 for developers. If you want to downgrade to iOS 10, you must first downgrade to iOS 11 beta 1 and from there, you can downgrade to iOS 10.

iOS 11 Public Beta Portal and High Sierra MacOS

Installing High Sierra macaques

  • The steps to follow in the case of High Sierra macOS are very similar, go to the public betas page of Apple.
  • Click on “Sign Up” and register with your Apple ID
  • Next, you’ll see a download code appear on the macOS tab.
  • Click on “Download the macOS High Sierra Public Beta”.
  • Finally, the Mac App Store will open and begin downloading.

The best thing in case you intend to test both operating systems is that you have followed some previous steps, in order to prepare your devices for these betas.

The main thing is that before installing anything, it is always recommended to make different backups in case we have to back up for any reason.

However, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments in general about the performance of these operating systems, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. We will be updating the first public beta versions on our site so we recommend that you keep an eye out for news on our website.