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Apple Launches Exchange Program for Unofficial Chargers

After the events of the last few weeks due to the use of unofficial Apple power adapters, Apple has decided to take action. For the company, the safety of its customers is a priority. Because of this, an unofficial adapter replacement program has been launched. As a result, it will be possible to purchase an original charger at a dollar discount from the normal price when the unofficial one is delivered.

The latest news on this subject has given a lot to talk about and created a lot of controversy between defenders and detractors of the bitten apple company. We have read a lot about people being electrocuted, and have even gone on to much more worrying situations such as the death of a young woman for the same reason.

Apple Launches Exchange Program for Unofficial ChargersApple Launches Exchange Program for Unofficial Chargers

After that, Apple wanted to put some cards on the table and, has launched a replacement program that will allow us to get rid of these unofficial chargers and get an original one at a reduced price . The initiative will start on August 16th.

This new program will allow anyone with a non-original USB power adapter to replace it with an official Apple one at a discount of $10 on the retail price. To do so, we will need to visit any Apple Store or Authorised Centre where the serial number will be verified and validated.

This special price offered with the Californian company’s replacement program will be limited to one power adapter per device you have , and to the United States and China, for the time being. In principle, the deadline is October 18 this year.

Undoubtedly, all these events have caused Apple to intervene in some way . The news about people being electrocuted – including the death of one of them – has spread like wildfire. It couldn’t stay away as its image was deteriorating and, most importantly, the security of its users was being compromised. A fast and coherent movement that shows the concern of the company for, what is the base of the company, its customers .