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Apple Launches Apple TV+ and Apple Music Student Pack

Apple wants us to know in detail all the new services they are preparing for users and to achieve this they are launching very aggressive campaigns. One of them is giving away a whole year of Apple TV+ to all those users who have recently bought a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV . In addition to this incredible promotion, there is another one that has taken many of us by surprise and is designed for students. In this article we tell you all the details of this offer.

As we have learned from Hailee Steinfeld’s Instagram Apple would bundle the Apple Music and Apple TV+ services into a single package that would cost £4.99 per month . In other words, we would have both services available for the price of one if we are students, this being an incredible offer although it obviously has some unknowns.

Apple Launches Apple TV+ and Apple Music Student Pack
Apple Launches Apple TV+ and Apple Music Student Pack

Image: CNET

Surely more than one has already wondered if this package can be shared with the family since if you remember Apple announced that the Apple TV+ subscription was extended to our entire family, but obviously the student subscription is for only one person with no possibility of extension to the members of our family at Apple.

The truth is that people who have a standard Apple Music subscription that costs £9.99 per month on the individual plan or £14.99 per month on the family plan will not get this bonus at the moment. Apple may start preparing subscription packages to make it cheaper for us to have your media, music and cloud storage services for a small fee. In the end they have to compete and the way to do it is to give us users facilities and keep the ecosystem of the company and go to Google, Spotify or Netflix.

The truth is that there is a lot of expectation to see what Apple has in store for us in its new multimedia service. In the future it may end up becoming a Netflix although at first we will have less content but we will have to give it a few months to see how it evolves.

It is clear that Apple wants to bet on the services and wants to focus on the younger audience so that motivated by Apple TV+ they also leave Spotify and move to its streaming music service. Obviously we are many students who have hired Spotify and Apple wants us to go to their service by offering us more than just Spotify as it is access to a platform of series and movies for the same price. That is to say, with Spotify we will pay 4,99 ? and we will have access to the music catalogue , but with Apple we will pay 4,99 ? and we will have access to the music catalogue and also to a catalogue of original series and movies .

Remember that to take advantage of this offer you must be registered at UNiDAYS and validate your student status with your institutional email. Once you have done this from November 1st you will be able to subscribe to this package or if you are already subscribed to Apple Music with the student quota you will have automatic access to the Apple TV+ catalogue.

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