Apple launches a website for its “Today at Apple” program

Apple launches a website dedicated to informing us about the workshops and courses that we can carry out in its stores, within the Today at Apple program

Find out what you can do at your nearest Apple Retail Store

A few days ago we told you that Apple had launched a new website where it explained how to make the most of the camera on your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, although some tutorials were also valid for the rest of previous iPhones.

Apple launches a website for its “Today at Apple” program
Apple launches a website for its “Today at Apple” program

He has now launched a website dedicated to informing us about the courses being held at our nearest Apple Store. We can check all this through a calendar where we can see and check those classes and events.

Information on the workshop, opening hours and route to the shop

In addition, next to the event, we are explained a little bit about where the workshop is going to move, telling us what we will do and why the event or workshop is being done. We can also know how long the class will last approximately.

The idea is similar to the one Apple proposed in its classes and events section, what changes is that we can now see future events thanks to the programming calendar.

Workshops focused on children

This new website also offers content especially dedicated to the youngest in the house, as they have included certain workshops for children to learn how to handle certain editing programs such as iMovie or GarageBand. Something very interesting is that they will also be able to participate in “Playtime” and program in robotic environments thanks to Sphero products.

Through labels we will be able to search more easily for the workshop that interests us the most , since they categorize it in photo and video, music, art and design, programming, companies, parents and children, teachers and finally, products.

If, for example, we click on company, we can see how Apple can give us certain guidelines on how to grow our business , create spreadsheets or create creative presentations. Very interesting, no doubt.

Apple is certainly doing well, as it is showing a lot of interest in the area of helping its customers. We remember that the company already offered workshops, but now they are much more organized with the programming shown on the web.

If you are interested in finding out which workshops are held near you, please visit Apple’s website dedicated to these courses. If you go to one of them, tell us your booking experience and so on.

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