Apple Launches a Section Dedicated to the World Cup on the App Store

Find out everything that’s going on in the World Cup in Brazil with your iPad or iPhone

The World Cup in Brazil is about to begin and there are many footballers who want to be aware of everything that happens. Apple is aware of the great impact this event generates and has created a section in the App Store. This section is made up of four sections with all kinds of applications related to the 2014 World Cup and Brazil, the country where it will be held.

Apple usually updates the App Store to include sections that group together applications of a particular theme to make them stand out from the rest. These sections usually appear in a carousel located at the top of the app store , where we currently find a section with “The best of May” and another section of games “Made in Spain”, to which we must add the newcomer and have called “Passion for football” .

Apple Launches a Section Dedicated to the World Cup on the App Store
Apple Launches a Section Dedicated to the World Cup on the App Store

These sections are very useful for users, since the App Store has hundreds of thousands of applications and sometimes it is very complicated to find them. So, users have easy access to them depending on the theme. Do you want to know more about the new football section?

Four sections full of applications for the World Cup

As we said at the beginning, the new section on the World Cup consists of four sections that group the applications according to their category. For example, we have a selection of football applications where we’ll find sports newspapers like Forza 90′, As or Sport, the official FIFA application and other sports news applications to keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

Secondly, of course, we also have a game section: Top Eleven, FIFA 14, Be a Legend 2, Score! World Goals or Real Football 2013 are just some of the games selected. The third section is dedicated to social networks so that we can share our passion for football. The World Cup will surely give a lot of talk on social networks and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Vine or Tumblr could not be missing.

Finally we have a selection of applications related to Brazil , the country that will host the World Cup in the next few weeks. Not everyone will be lucky enough to be able to go there to see their team fighting to be the best in the world, but the lucky ones will surely appreciate these applications. We can find guides of Brazil, of Sao Paulo or a TomTom with the maps of Brazil.

Books, films and football music

It’s not going to be all about watching football play in this World Cup. To finish off this section, Apple has included three small sections in which it offers books and films related to football, as well as a selection of Brazilian music that we can enjoy in our free time.

Have you already prepared your iPhone or iPad for the World Cup? Which applications have you downloaded?

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