Apple launches a new campaign for the iPad, why an iPad?

Apple has presented its new web advertising campaign for its tablets, both iPad and iPad mini. It shows the reasons why Apple’s mobile devices, in particular the tablet, are so popular. They will also show us how the iPad can fit into our business and how thousands of schools around the world use it on a daily basis to educate.

Apple has presented its new advertising campaign focused on the two versions of its tablet, both iPad and iPad mini. After the last web campaign called “why iPhone?” now it’s time for Apple’s big brother of the phone. Like the previous time, Cupertino’s ads present a series of reasons why the tablet is so popular.

Apple launches a new campaign for the iPad, why an iPad?
Apple launches a new campaign for the iPad, why an iPad?

The new page entitled “Why iPad?” highlights the features of the tablet, the benefits of the iTunes ecosystem, in which everything is synchronized between Apple devices… And also the advantages of the App Store compared to other platforms in which you can’t find such a variety of applications and of such quality.

Added to these details are statistics from schools that use Apple tablets as educational material, recent JD Power satisfaction results, its Retina display and its 10 hours of battery life .

However, Apple doesn’t stop at the great features of the iPad but also looks for the gamers to bet on their platform and their devices , for them there is a section on the web called “Millions of ways to play, work and learn”.

It seems that Apple is changing its marketing policy , since a few years ago it was unthinkable that the apple brand would attack its competitors in its advertising . Something that distinguished Apple from other companies, unfortunately this is less and less the case.

In any case, Apple shows us the different qualities that its tablets have and hopes to show us how this device can fit perfectly into our daily lives. From AppleSupportPhoneNumber we have already given you our reasons and uses of the iPad in our daily life. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to bet on this great device or not.

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