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Apple lanza Mountain Lion Server por 15,99

OS X Mountain Lion Server

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Apple lanza Mountain Lion Server por 15,99
Apple lanza Mountain Lion Server por 15,99

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Unless you’re very lost, you should know that OX Mountain Lion was released this morning. As you can see, in AppleSupportPhoneNumber we are making a deep analysis of their news, you won’t be able to complain, this time we are putting everything very chewy. It is likely that you will miss the possibility of using Mountain Lion as a server, if so, you should be aware of the following news, for 15.99 ? your need will be covered.

Apple’s news never comes alone, Cupertino’s guys just released a separate application for the new operating system. It’s OS X Server for Mountain Lion , which will allow us to add server functionality to our new cat. Where’s the surprise? In its price, previously we could find this add-on for our operating system for 49 Euros, more if we go back a little further it could cost about 500 Euros. However, this time they surprise us with a much lower price , no more and no less than 15.99 Euro. This application can be added to Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store , making it quite easy for any hobbyist, or owner of a small office to enjoy the benefits of a server.

How to upgrade to OS X Server

If you are already a user of one of the previous OS X servers and you want to upgrade, or you simply want to buy OS X Server, you’d better pay attention to these 3 simple steps:

Step 1

You should make sure that your Mac is compatible with Mountain Lion. You can find the detailed list in this article.

Step 2

Check that you have Lion Server or the latest version of Snow Leopard Server. If you are already using Lion Server you should skip to step 3, otherwise if you are using Snow Leopard Server, upgrade to the latest version: 10.6.8.

Step 3

Download OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Server from the Mac App Store . Open the Mac App Store from the Dock to purchase and download Mountain Lion and follow the onscreen instructions. Return to the Mac App Store and purchase OS X Server. According to the Apple Ireland website, if we have trouble downloading or if we have Internet connection problems at home, we don’t have to worry, we can go to any Apple Store and they will help us .

This should be enough to start enjoying the benefits of OS X Server. These include the ability to share files between Mac, iPad and PC. We also have the ability to manage profiles , making it possible to control them all from one place. Among other features, is a Wiki, Calendar, Contacts and Mail server .


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