Apple lanza Cards, an App para imprimir postales

Cards, postales a la vieja usanza

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Apple lanza Cards, an App para imprimir postales
Apple lanza Cards, an App para imprimir postales

It will basically allow us to print and send our photos as a postcard, and follow the process through notifications on our iPhone.

During this afternoon’s keynote, just before reviewing the news we already knew about iOS 5, Scott Forstall presented a new application developed by Apple: Cards . Basically, the application consists of you taking a picture and putting it on a postcard you like, sending it to Apple, and they send it to the recipient. Ideal for special occasions or holidays.

The funny thing is that Apple informs you of the status of the shipment through notifications in our terminal, to see how our postcard is created throughout the process. Postcards will be priced at $2.99 within the United States and $4.99 for the rest of the world (shipping included). A curious way to share our photos.

We have at our disposal 21 different postcards, completely customizable with the text and photographs we want. The best thing is that you don’t need a Mac to do it.

This feature, which is already included in the latest version of iPhoto, where there were even embossed postcards, now comes to iOS. They haven’t announced a definitive release date yet; the Apple website just says coming soon .

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