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Apple, it’s time to drop the ballast

The WWDC is approaching and with it comes the inevitable rumors and counter-rumors. Just yesterday, Billboard claimed that Apple’s streaming music service would be suffering delays. The music publication even said that we would not see it debut at the June conference , but much later.

9to5mac came out shortly afterwards to counteract with its own sources: the Beats heir service will be presented at the WWDC in 2015. Long before this raffle happened, we could see that the iOS 8.4 beta was bringing a completely redesigned music app.

Apple, it’s time to drop the ballast
Apple, it’s time to drop the ballast

Then there is the purchase of Beats itself. Trent Reznor in the musical garlic of Apple. The artists exclusively from iTunes. Or the traces of an iTunes subscription. It is more than evident that those of Cupertino are moving to recover the throne of music before users, snatched by services like Spotify.

But what about iTunes for Mac? Last year we saw a redesign to suit OS X Yosemite that now seems shy. Tastes like little. What could the apple company do with its multipurpose app?

The iPhoto and Photos example

Photos is to the old iPhoto what “Music” should be to iTunes

One of the reasons that attracted me to the Mac at the time was the iLife suite, specifically iPhoto. In my Dell, I had all the photos sorted by folder but it was impossible to find anything with this system. Therefore, the migration to iPhoto was a rediscovery of my photo library.

But with the passing of time and the addition of new features such as streaming photos, the app became complicated to use and messy again. And slow, very slow. So I abandoned the management of my photos in recent times.

However, with the late arrival of Photos for Yosemite, I have rediscovered my photos again . The professional user will see this app as a step backwards and a major mistake by Apple, but as a home user I am more than satisfied. The photos are again easy to navigate, by places and moments.

And the albums, finally there is a place where the faces of the videos are separated. My streaming photos, favorites, slow motion videos, panoramic photos and time lapse. Each one has its place . And of course, the app flies compared to iPhoto.

An iTunes that returns to its origins

Only music, artists, lists and albums. It would not be at all strange that during the WWDC we saw a new app to manage music on our Macs. One that follows this iPhoto-Photo philosophy and that Apple’s tendency to stop calling all its products with an “i” at the beginning . Apple Pay and Apple Watch instead of iPay and iWatch. “Music” instead of “iTunes”.

Beyond the detail of the name, the new iTunes should release the ballast. With the arrival of iBooks at OS X in Mavericks, books disappeared from the drawer that was and still is Apple’s multimedia management app. Users gain in simplicity at the cost of having one more separate app on our computers. A deal that seems fair.

iTunes estrena widget en su nueva actualización para OS X Yosemite.

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Could other aspects of iTunes be streamlined? The different media sources would have to live separately from iTunes :

  • Audiobooks could easily migrate to iBooks.
  • The videos, movies and series that are so trendy in Apple’s rumor might well have their own independent app, store and manager. Joined to Quicktime perhaps?
  • Podcasts is the functionality that best fits our music, but in iOS it already has a separate official app (and standard).
  • The same could happen with iTunes U.
  • The management of iOS devices, their backups, apps, information and updates would also need their own app.

In this way, iTunes would return to its origins. An app to manage our music, albums, artists and playlists. A place to listen to music adapted to the demands of the streaming era.

A way to find new music, beyond the dictatorship of the algorithm. Incorporating a touch of human healing , as promised by Beats before his acquisition. It may seem too much, but it is the level of demand that we Apple users are used to in other parts of the ecosystem. Let’s remember that iTunes was once the center of our musical life, it’s time for it to become so again.

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