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Apple issues two new iPad mini ads


In this way, it shows us that what the big iPad can do, so can the small iPad. It also “hits where it hurts” the competition, that is, the iPad mini’s ability to read books and display photos.

Apple issues two new iPad mini ads
Apple issues two new iPad mini ads

The first of the ads plays with the libraries of two iPads and, by the way, shows us how it works as a book reader. The second, more successful than the first, shows us photos connected to each other on the two screens . Well, it’s actually the same photo but cropped to give the impression that there are two of them, but the effect is very good. Great musical choice with the theme ‘Two of a Kind’ by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer. You can see the videos from this link and, as soon as they are in Apple’s YouTube channel, we will put them here too.

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