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Apple issues a third dividend of $2.5 billion

What better day than today, the day of the lovers, to show that person what you feel? In the business world, there is no more complicated relationship than that between a large company and its shareholders, and Apple has decided to make its third dividend to shareholders today by paying them 2.5 billion dollars . With 939 million shares in circulation, the price of this dividend stands at $2.65 per share.

This is another step in the great stock dividend announced by Tim Cook, in which the company will spend $45 billion to satisfy all those involved in its stock market activity. A very important sum of money, but one that remains modest when we see that Apple has more than 137.1 billion dollars net ready to be spent in its bank accounts. Moreover, this $2.5 billion that will be paid out now will not affect the company’s overall profits or its pace, despite the fact that it is one of the highest dividends a company has ever paid.

Apple issues a third dividend of $2.5 billion
Apple issues a third dividend of $2.5 billion

It would be a mistake not to remember what was said at the Goldman Sachs event about Apple’s shareholders: ” We listened to them by firing Steve Jobs and putting Scully as CEO, we will not make that same mistake again “. Apple’s savoir faire goes through fully trusting its philosophy without looking at the effects on its finances and shares , even though the huge amount of cash the company has right now has made it obvious that this dividend was needed.

Apple will continue to deliver dividends each quarter, always about six weeks after its quarterly earnings press conference.