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Apple Is Working on Several Charging Systems for iWatch

Apple may be considering wireless battery charging systems

When a rumor about something from Apple comes out, one doesn’t know whether to believe it, imagine it or reject it. What we do know is that many of these comments, which seem to have an origin somewhat close to the product, are often true and then leave us almost nothing for the imagination at the time of presentation.

The one we’re dealing with now is one on the battery of the possible iWatch that Apple is supposed to release in the fall. According to The New York Times, the apple company may be considering several systems for charging the smart clock battery wirelessly .

Apple Is Working on Several Charging Systems for iWatch
Apple Is Working on Several Charging Systems for iWatch

In addition, another thing I’d be trying to improve is the battery life, since according to the Chinese website C Technology, the iWatch would come with a 100mAH battery , and they are trying to make the charge last about four or five days and not a couple as it is happening now.

A possible form of charge would be magnetic induction

One of the alternatives Apple is testing, according to The New York Times, would be one in which the brand’s intelligent clock is charged by magnetic induction . Translated into English, so that we all understand each other, it would be to place the intelligent clock on a charging plate, which by means of the electrical current creates a magnetic field and a voltage that feeds the device.

This system is being used in a similar way by some manufacturers of accessories for Apple devices. In some we have to put a sticker on our iDevice , and with other devices we need something else. In addition, this technology is already being used by Nokia with some of its smartphones.

Solar cells on the sapphire glass screen

Another possibility for wireless charging on iWatch is one that’s already in the works for the next iPhone. This option would involve implanting solar cells into the sapphire crystal display that could be worn by the smart apple clock.

In this way, our watch would be charged while giving it light when we are outside , saving us from having to carry another cable and another charger with us to charge the device. Again, another convenient option.

It could also be loaded by our own movements

Another option that Cupertino’s could be considering would be to incorporate in the iWacht some kind of element that allows it to recharge the battery while we are on the move . In this way, the tilting movement of a person could operate as a charging station and increase its battery while we are walking.

As we can read in iPhone Hacks, if we use this last system, Apple would be using a patent that it registered already in 2009 for charging the battery by means of the tilting movement.

And as we almost always say, we will have to wait and see what is true and false in these rumours. Because until Apple announces the device we won’t have any 100% confirmed answers.

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