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Apple is unaware of the iPhone 7 microphone issue

Apple indirectly recognized a problem with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus microphones in the middle of the year after a flood of user complaints. Although hardly any details were given by Cupertino’s company, they started to repair it for free. But now this bug has resurfaced on the company’s various forums as it seems that Apple has decided to back off and ejar repair this bug for free.

It’s been two years since the iPhone 7 was officially launched and that’s why and many of these devices are running out of any kind of guarantee offered by the current legislation, which we remember is two years.

Apple is unaware of the iPhone 7 microphone issue
Apple is unaware of the iPhone 7 microphone issue

To remind you what this problem was, MacRumors gave voice to many users who claimed that their iPhone’s microphone was not working properly. When they engaged in a hands-free conversation the sound was quite muffled or cut off.

Apple did not directly admit this problem but started to repair it for free so we can say that this bug was recognized in an indirect way by the company. Everything seems to point out that the problem resides in a pin that lost contact over time causing the microphone to lose quality when making phone calls or recording voice memos.

Now this has changed completely as published a few hours ago by the American media MacRumors. According to this new information, users have started to report this problem again intensely adding that Apple recommends them to make a repair that costs $300 or to exchange it for a reconditioned iPhone.

This information only refers to various cases in the United States but in Spain these problems have also begun to emerge in the Apple forums as collected by our colleagues in MovilZona. In our country the repair can be done by making a full change of the motherboard that would amount to 400 euros, so it would be interesting to consider buying a new device before paying for this repair.

As the warranty expires in Europe for these new iPhones, users will be faced with a severe problem on their device that will force them to go through this expensive repair or purchase a new iPhone. The question we are clearly asking ourselves is that if the problem is Apple’s and its hardware, is the user not entitled to have the repair free of charge? Since this problem does not stem from misuse of the device or from the passage of time.

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