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Apple is unable to produce enough 3D NAND Chips for iPhone 8

It is impressive all the hype behind the iPhone 8, because not only will it be the most expensive mobile phone ever, but also, and according to the experts, it will be the smartphone that is closest to perfection created within the telephone sector. In this new terminal from the company of the Bite Apple we can find great and innovative features, a clear example of this would be the wireless charging.

It seems that one of the chips in charge of another quite relevant novelty inside the iPhone 8, the 3D, is putting Apple between the sword and the wall . This valuable computer nerve is essential for the visualization of 3D is scarce worldwide due to the difficulty in obtaining the necessary material to use it, and being so the production of this is insufficient compared to the demand for it making this another of the many reasons that delay the appearance of the iPhone 8 in the market.

Apple is unable to produce enough 3D NAND Chips for iPhone 8Apple is unable to produce enough 3D NAND Chips for iPhone 8

This chip is called 3D NAND, which has already been used by Apple on the iPhone 7 . In addition to all the above mentioned drawbacks, it is very fragile and delicate. If we add to all this the fact that the experience in the development and behavior of this chip is very little, this would have the consequence of some errors in the modification or manufacture of it and end up in a failure, leaving aside the high price that this technology has.

In the previous model of Apple terminals, the iPhone 7, which is the best-selling smartphone so far in 2017, the chip had a number of 48 layers, but according to the numerous patents filtered on the iPhone 8, in the latter the chip will have 64 layers . All this occupying the same space it had inside the iPhone 7, something very similar to the new iPad processor, which is smaller, but with even more power.

We already know that Apple is the most valuable and beloved company within the electronics and computer market, so we understand that they have the money to take this risk and on top of that come out with great benefits from it. He who does not risk does not win and so the parents and founders of Cupertino’s company risked by selling their calculator and a classic Volkswagen van to start what today is an electronics phenomenon without knowing if they would even succeed or something.