Apple is researching a high-resolution camera for its iDevices

Apple continues to strive to improve its devices. This time the chosen one is the camera, which we see they intend to improve through a patent where they establish a new arrangement of the optical elements, leaving much more space available, which could be used to include an optical zoom. This would be thanks to a new system of mirrors that would reduce the thickness of the camera module.

The optical zoom is something that manufacturers have resisted when integrating it into mobile phones. Its increasingly slimmer size and higher resolution sensors complicate the task. Samsung wanted to overcome this by launching the Galaxy Camera, which is just a compact camera with Android . Nokia also wanted to make its contribution with the 808 PureView, to achieve zoom by cutting on the sensor ; a sensor of no more and no less than 41 megapixels.

Apple is researching a high-resolution camera for its iDevices
Apple is researching a high-resolution camera for its iDevices

But as we can see, both the Galaxy Camera and the 808 PureView are not exactly small or stylish terminals, so they are not particularly popular. As size is the main handicap, Apple is researching in this area to reach a middle ground solution that will allow future iPhones or iPads with an optical zoom camera without compromising their stylish design.

So, yesterday an idea with these premises was patented. The patent, which dates from 2011, refers to a digital camera with a light divider

As you can see this is a very similar technology to the one used by Sigma with its Foveon sensors . We obtain better image quality at the cost of fewer megapixels, since three smaller independent sensors are used, one for each red, one for green and one for blue.

If we go into the patent more technically, we can say that this new camera would have a flat-concave lens that captures the incoming light. A deflector will be placed behind it that instead of allowing the light to pass in a straight line, it will do so at a 90 degree angle. This arrangement would allow Californians to place other camera components using the full thickness of the device , thus providing enough space to place one or more lenses for zooming.

A digital camera with an optical zoom added to this new technology would help Apple to stand out from its competition , which is not able to provide an intelligent solution to this problem, simply increasing the megapixels senselessly.

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