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Happy LGBT+ Pride Day!

Apple is proudly gay
Apple is proudly gay

By Eva Rodríguez de Luis – Jun 28, 2017ShareFacebookTwitter

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most influential and iconic companies on the planet . Creator of gadgets that have marked a before and after in the world like the iPhone and capable of taking the jack connection out of the market and having its main competitors follow without a word of complaint. But that power can also be applied to make the world a better place, bringing an inclusive message and supporting diversity to places where it is culturally difficult to reach, an example of this was the impact that the iPhone 7(RED) is having – part of its benefits go to the fight against HIV – in China, where being gay is a crime.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO and one of the most powerful people in existence, came out of the closet years ago and every time he has an opportunity he takes the opportunity to set himself up as a reference in the fight for equal rights and has no qualms about going out on the streets to show it. And with him, much of his company, showing that they do not join the car to take advantage of the economic vein that offers the gay public, but by commitment to the cause.

In fact, his work is such that a few days ago he received the Prize for Freedom of Expression , awarded for the struggle for the protection of human rights.

As Madrid, capital of the world’s pride with its World Pride Madrid 2017 – if you want to enjoy this event to the fullest, remember that we have the best apps for your iPhone -, Apple has created its own hashtag

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