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Apple is preparing the launch of a notch-free iPhone with this patent

It is undeniable that notch has become one of the most differentiating aspects of the latest iPhone but that it has not or been free of controversy since we first saw it in the iPhone X rumors back in 2017. This notch although aesthetically questioned in the end we’ve gotten totally used to it by hosting one of the best facial recognition on a mobile device to date.

The main drawback we can take away from the notch is that it is somewhat annoying when viewing multimedia content on our iPhone because we have an area of the screen that we can not use after all limiting us enough to see a video on YouTube or a series on Netflix. Apple wants to give users a better screen experience and so they are already exploring how to remove notch but keep the FaceTime cameras, how will they do it?

Apple is preparing the launch of a notch-free iPhone with this patent
Apple is preparing the launch of a notch-free iPhone with this patent

A patent that has been registered by Apple itself has put us on alert about the company’s plans to put notch aside. This is something that must finally happen because we are seeing how many manufacturers are reducing this notch to the maximum or even eliminating it as in the One Plus 7 Pro.

In this patent it is detailed that the possibility of incorporating a screen that has the capacity of having ‘windows’ so that the light can flow is being explored. These ‘windows’ would be located between the pixels of the panel and would be able to transmit light, something very necessary for the front camera to work.

Apple would not end up opting for mechanical systems to hide the camera system but would place them under the screen in a sensible way so that the operation of the screen is not affected . Different systems such as cathode layers or laser processing would be included in order to conceal this camera.

This seems like a very sub-realistic technology that Apple has pulled out of its sleeve with this patent, but the truth is that Oppo is also exploring a similar path. In the following video we can see the idea that Oppo has in mind.

We’re talking about a technology that we won’t see a priori on an iPhone since it requires a lot of engineering and very polished software for the front camera to work perfectly. We have no doubt that Apple is working on something impressive and that it will leave us with our mouths open and with this patent it will show a little bit what it has in mind.

No doubt we will have to wait until 2021 or 2022 to see rumours about this technology which are undoubtedly the future of the company in order to provide users with an exquisite audiovisual experience.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this new Apple patent, do you think it is possible that we will see an iPhone without notch in the next years?