Apple is preparing in a big way to launch original movies and series

Apple will start its deployment of original films and series next year. Specifically, it will be launched from March, where they could compete with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

To this end, the Americans have allocated a significant amount of money to invest in quality on-demand content by hiring a team made up of some 40 professionals .

Apple is preparing in a big way to launch original movies and series
Apple is preparing in a big way to launch original movies and series

The investment of more than one billion dollars , will have series and films of own production, where we will not see scenes of sex, violence or bad words, as demanded by the Californians .

Apple will be somewhat late in the streaming content fight, but like its competitors, they will be late with own content . An ace up the sleeve that could be interesting to add this service to our devices, as they tell us in ADSLZONE .

It is expected to be launched from March next year, where perhaps in this course, we will see a possible preview of some of the planned events, such as the WWDC 18 or with the launch of new devices in September.

With more than $1 billion in investment, Californians are betting heavily to carve out a niche for themselves in a booming sector that could yield some very interesting recurring revenues. We would like to remind you that Apple is generating very significant profits thanks to subscriptions to the streaming music service or iCloud Drive.

In past publications, we have already commented that Cupertino’s people have been motivated to subscribe to their new film and on-demand series . One of the series planned, deals with the life of Elvis Presley, where the Americans decided not to shoot the film because of a sex scandal .

Another of the original series that Tim Cook’s company has the rights to, is based on a story inspired by a podcast (Serial) , where the podcaster herself was on the set to advise the series team.

Although there’s still plenty of time to see everything you have prepared Apple with its own content, everything points to quality content suitable for the whole family.

Do you think they could compete with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

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