Apple is preparing 3 new iPhones with OLED for 2018

It’s not news to any of us that a company like Apple invests a lot in security, millions in the case of Cupertino’s company, but even with these measures of incredible dimensions they manage to get some files across the border and reach the Internet where they go viral and become news as well as knowledge of everyone interested in secrecy within a company like the mythical bitten apple. This is why they are working hand in hand with intelligence agencies in order to stop these individuals from leaking the confidential information of this brand.

Rumors are getting bigger

The most important and shocking rumors about the Californian brand are undoubtedly those that refer to the iPhone 8 all its details and manufacturing characteristics. Although we do not have any news or anything from Apple about its launch date or even the form it will have, thanks to the filtered patents of this one , which are deposited by law in the central of patents of the United States, we know how it will be.

Apple is preparing 3 new iPhones with OLED for 2018
Apple is preparing 3 new iPhones with OLED for 2018

According to many sources that usually hit the nail on the head with these things, it has revealed some amazing data that clearly says that Apple will release 3 new iPhones by 2019. Two of these appear to be the iPhone 9 and the iPhone 9 Plus, given that one is 5.28 inches and the other is 6.46 inches , all these new terminals from this company as well as the iPhone 8 will have OLED screens, a revolutionary new technology in this section of electronics. The market for this type of OLED has such high expectations that even Samsung was thinking of setting up the largest factory for this material, just and only to supply Apple.

The impact of the iPhone on others

It is also said that by 2020 half or more of all smartphones will have OLED screens thanks to iPhone 8 . It’s not news to anyone that the Californian firm is ahead of the rest of the giants in the electronics sector. They already did so 10 years ago with the first iPhone, removing all the buttons and creating a firm and elegant screen that would also replace the entire physical keyboard in a very aesthetic way. If you have money and want to have the best smartphone ever, go save for the iPhone 8 since it will be the most expensive ever.

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