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Apple is planning to open the following data center in Iowa

We all know that a company of the caliber of the apple has to keep its secrets and other confidential data safe, that’s why they recently built a plant or data center in Finland from scratch, but we’re also aware that Cupertino’s company is growing at an incredible rate and many stock analysts say that Apple is in its prime, so they’re looking at the possibility of opening another building of similar size and with the same function in another part of the world.

This custom is not something new invented by the Californian firm, the creation of data centers is a very common habit within companies or brands with a great reach to the public , two clear examples of this are Microsoft and Google. It may be that the big reason behind the creation of these new structures is the great expansion that Apple expects for next month, that is, with the introduction of the new iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive smartphone in history.

Apple is planning to open the following data center in IowaApple is planning to open the following data center in Iowa

Most of the secret information that is stored within these data centers is the details of Apple’s customers, from dates of birth and names to bank details and so on, which is something our beloved apple cannot allow to come to light under any circumstances. When thinking about a site for another of these buildings, there were many possible candidates, but everything points, according to sources, to Waukee, a city in Iowa.

Having this type of information within reach without having to leave the country makes it much easier for the brand to access and protect this data. As we have said something above, Apple is not the first to do this and it happens that in this city Facebook, Microsoft and Google also have their corresponding data centers , so something will have this place for the biggest companies to want to place their treasures there.

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