Apple is not monitoring anyone’s location

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any personal response from Steve Jobs to emails from Apple users. No wonder, given his temporary leave of absence for health reasons. But after the controversy raised by that file that keeps a history of the location of our iPhone, the CEO of Apple has decided to put letters in the subject in the style to which we are used to.

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Apple is not monitoring anyone’s location
Apple is not monitoring anyone’s location

Steve, could you explain the need for the utility that keeps a history of our location on my iPhone? It’s awkward knowing that my position is being recorded at all times. Maybe you can shed some light on this issue before I switch to a Droid [an Android equipped phone]. They don’t track me.

Steve Jobs' response was short but forceful:

Oh, yes, they do. We don't follow anyone. The information that's going around is false.

Clearer, the water. Steve argues that not only the iPhone saves such files (Android also does something similar, although the system deletes the data from time to time), and in fact any device with an internet connection is easily reachable .

At the same time, media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal have discovered that the file that tracks and stores our position continues to work even when we turn off the tracking service on our iPhone or iPad, which gives the media more wood to show distrust. The consequences are already appearing: countries like South Korea, France and Germany have already started investigations to get to the bottom of the matter.

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