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Apple is no longer the most valuable brand on the planet.


If just five days ago we knew about Apple’s unprecedented sales success during the previous quarter, today Cupertino’s people are suffering a hard blow in terms of fame and recognition. After five golden years of hegemony as the most valuable brand on the planet, the company of the bitten apple has to give up its sceptre to another technological corporation and also, direct competition. Do you know who we are talking about?

Apple is no longer the most valuable brand on the planet.
Apple is no longer the most valuable brand on the planet.

Well, yes, it’s Google , which is not new in these matters and which also stroked the honeys of success back in 2011 when Apple took the lead. According to the consulting firm Brand Finance, the search engine par excellence has an approximate value of $109.5 billion compared to only $107.141 billion for Apple, which is down 27% from the previous year. A downturn that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The size of the fall makes you wonder what caused it. According to Brand Finance, Apple abuses the goodwill of its customers by offering them new products but with few improvements over previous versions . Come on, what has been said for a long time: that since Steve Jobs left us, Apple no longer innovates as before. We see it in the iPhone 7 with little more than its elimination of the 3.5 mm jack connection, its relative water resistance and its dual camera in the Plus model; we also see it in its new 2016 MacBook whose main novelty is the Touch Bar.

But then again, Apple is not alone. It is no longer the dual rivalry between Apple and Samsung, because now in addition in the smartphone market there are the Chinese brands, whose quality – price ratio is unbeatable . And in the case of computers, Windows has hit the ground running with its Surface, while Google continues to increase its advertising revenue by a whopping 20% in the last year.

After Google and Apple we find Amazon, which in addition to its world famous sales portal has been diversifying for years with its tablets and more recently managing audiovisual content. Although Jeff Bezos’ company is repeating its bronze, its growth as a brand has been 53% this last year.

Behind them we find the telecommunications company AT&T and we have to go to the fifth position to meet Microsoft, which has increased its value by 13%, something that has reported a rise from the seventh position last year. And where is Samsung? We have to go down a long way to the Koreans, specifically to 13th place.