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Apple is looking to buy original content for Podcasts and promote Apple TV+

Apple would be developing exclusive content for the Podcasts app and could buy some original productions . In addition, it would look for an executive to captain the new initiatives in the field of podcasts.

Content to promote Apple TV+ or on which to base new series

A few months ago Bloomberg already suggested that Apple was developing original content for the Podcast app based on and focused on promoting the Apple TV+ series. Now, the publication reports that Cupertino’s company is planning to buy new content.

Apple is looking to buy original content for Podcasts and promote Apple TV+
Apple is looking to buy original content for Podcasts and promote Apple TV+

The content Apple is looking for will be mainly focused on spinoffs (works derived from a character or aspect of a main work) from existing series on Apple TV+, but also, following the opposite path, will look for original content that can be adapted to series for the streaming service. In parallel, Apple is looking to hire an executive to lead the new initiatives in the field of podcasts, a position that will report to Ben Cave, head of the podcast section in the company.

Spotify, Apple Music’s main competitor, has been investing a lot of time and money in buying podcasts over the course of the last year. The Swedish company’s goal is to unseat Apple in this field where the Podcasts app, available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, has become the reference for users of Apple platforms .

Differentiation, on the way to subscription fatigue

Initially, podcasts were conceived as a way to listen to our favorite radio programs at convenient times for us. Instead of having to listen to the radio at a certain time or set up some kind of recording system, we can find the content on demand on a web page. In fact, the same word “podcasts” is formed by the union between “pod” -capsule- and “cast” -broadcast abbreviation- in reference to the media that broadcasts continuously in time.

When podcasts started to gain traction, which was roughly parallel to the decline in live broadcasts, the shift from the broadcast and recording model to just recording began. What was the point of broadcasting a program, for example, on the radio when you could record it, edit it if necessary, and post it directly on the web ?

With this approach, we began to create content that, like music or movies, can become a differentiating element of the platforms that offer it. Currently, at least as far as music is concerned, all platforms offer approximately the same content . We, as users, can choose between one service or another depending on other content, such as the quality of the apps, for example.

The situation changes radically when we talk about audiovisual content, Netflix has its own content, Disney+ has its own content, Apple TV+ has its own content, Amazon Prime has its own content, etc. If, as users, we want to watch several of the series “of the moment” or our tastes are scattered between platforms, we have to pay several subscriptions .

At AppleFirst Steps with Apple Podcasts: This is the app for listening to our favorite programs

With the path that Spotify began a little over a year ago, with which podcasts are typical of a single platform, it seems that we will return to the audiovisual case rather than the musical one. That we will have to pay several subscriptions to access the content, instead of choosing the one we like and that offers a wider repertoire. We will see how podcasts, acquisitions and the progress of the different platforms evolve.

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